Monday, June 26, 2006

Patience With God

Life is full of problems
So you go to try to solve them

But sometimes they're too large
For you to take charge

So you delegate them to God
And hope He'll give you a nod

And provide an instant solution
To end your unanswered question

But when nothing appears
And you increase your fears

Do not worry, do not fret
And last of all do not forget

That your heavenly Father above
Is watching with eyes of love

He will answer your prayer
With tenderness and care

Do not get angry or discouraged
You need to show a little bit of courage

Have patience with God your creator
And He will fulfill your request or favor

After all, He shows patience towards you
Instead of splitting you in two

With a lighting bolt, or something worse
Displaying His rage with a holy curse

So wait for an answer, and soon you'll know
Whether He says "yes, not yet," or even "no."


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