Monday, July 10, 2006

Joy Of The Journey

You travel the world
You choose a path
You make your goals
You do the math

You stub your toe
On the bumpy road
The bag on your back
Is too heavy a load

But if you choose
To travel alone
Discomfort you'll get
As you're worn to the bone

So why not ask a friend
To travel along
To carry your luggage
And sing you a song

The joy of the journey
Is sharing the trip
Whether your in a car
Or a horse buggy and whip

Journey with a person
Or journey with a friend
You'll want someone who will
Be there in the end

So why not share the joy
With your Almighty Creator
He'll be there in the end
And He's closer than a brother.


Blogger iamnasra said...

What ever religion u are having God and belivingin Him I for one find it helps me to go on lviing in climbing the hills of life..loved the poem

7:56 AM  

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