Tuesday, February 08, 2005

~*~ YE MUST ~*~

A man lived a long, full life and was
on his deathbed. A group of people stood
at his bedside. He was asked the
question, "What really matters most in
life now that you are about to die?" The
man, who was very wealthy, successful,
respected and honest said in a whisper,
"Ye must." The people wondered what he
was trying to say. The man spoke
again, speaking a little
louder, "Ye must." The people were
still puzzled. Finally, in his last
breath, the man said, "Ye must". Then
he died.

An incredible silence fell over the
room. Nobody understood what the man
was trying to say. After a few
moments, a young orderly appeared at
the door. He asked if something was
wrong. Someone replied, "He just
died." Then a person in the room
cried out, "His last words were, You
must." Another person added, "Yes,
he kept saying, it sounded like, You
must." The man at the door smiled and
said, "I understand." The people in
the room quickly took note. One of
them asked, "What was he trying to say?"

The young orderly told them, "Last
night I shared the gospel of Jesus
Christ with this man. I told him the
whole Bible could be summed up in
one verse. It is John 3:7 and it
says, "Marvel not that I said
unto thee, ye must be born again'. And
last night that man believed by faith
sincerely in Jesus, confessed his
sin, and was truly born again". Then
a person in the room commented, "But
why are you smiling, this man just
died." The young orderly replied, "I
am smiling because the Lord is so
gracious. He gave this man one
blessed day...to share his faith."

~ by Dave Christiano ~


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