Thursday, August 17, 2006

- In a Position to Save a Life -

Somehow the driver lost control on a
California bridge. In an instant, the car with a
family of four in it catapulted through the railing
and into the water. Immediately, that car began to
disappear beneath the water. In those next frantic
moments, the two parents emerged from the car,
swimming to the top. Mom had actually been able
to free one of her children and help her get out, as well.
But their little boy was trapped in the car at the bottom.
Meanwhile, a few passersby had gathered on the bridge
above. One man, hearing the mother's screams for help
for her son, dove from the bridge and into the water.
A nurse was actually one of those who also happened to be
on the bridge that day. Realizing that the boy was going
to need immediate CPR if he was rescued, she shook off
her fear and she also plunged into the water. After a
short time, the man surfaced - carrying that boy with him.
The nurse immediately began working on him, right there
in the water. His life was saved by two people who
certainly had not planned to rescue anyone that day.

I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You
today about "In a Position to Save a Life."

It was very moving to see the mother of that rescued little
boy tearfully trying to put her gratitude into words.
Someone had cared enough to take the risks to save a life
just because he happened to be in the right place at
the right time to make the difference.

If you belong to Jesus Christ, I hope you see yourself in
that picture. Like that man on the bridge, you're in a
position to do something about a person who's
dying - spiritually dying, that is. The Bible describes
people without Christ as "those being led away to death"
(Proverbs 24:11). And it adds a command, "Rescue those
who are being led away to death." Who should rescue
them? Whoever is in a position to reach them.
The Bible uses another example to describe those we
know who don't know our Savior. It says they are "in
the fire." And, again, it gives a command. "Snatch others
from the fire and save them" (Jude 23). Don't just let them
die without a chance. Do something to rescue them.

As you think about the people at work today, at school, in
your neighborhood, in your family or the place you shop or
recreate - among those people must be those who have
probably never been to the cross of Jesus to have their
sins forgiven. The only One who can forgive their sins is
the One who died to pay for them. And if they die with
their sins unforgiven, they have no chance of getting
into God's heaven. You know that. You know Christ.
You know them - which means you're responsible.

Living a Christ-honoring life before them is important, but
it's not enough. You have to tell them about Jesus' death
for their sins. They won't guess that because you're a nice
person. The reason you haven't is probably your fear.
Jesus said in Mark 10:45, our word for today from
the Word of God, "Even the Son of Man did not come
to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a
ransom for many." Our fears are all about "me" - what
might happen to me if I tell them about Jesus; how I might
mess it up. But Jesus abandoned Himself to save us.
Rescuers always do that. They have a greater fear than
what might happen to them. It's what might happen to
the dying person if they don't try to rescue them.

Years ago, God spoke to Moses about His enslaved people
and He said, "I have come down to rescue them ... I am
sending you" (Exodus 3:8, 10). He's saying the same
thing to you about the lost people within your reach. It's no
accident you are where you are, who you are, doing what
you do. God has put you in a position to help save some
lives and help some people be in heaven with you. It's
the most important thing you have to do; the most
important difference you can possibly make with
the rest of your life.

_ By Ron Hutchcraft


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