Thursday, February 17, 2005


We have been given protection,
In all the storms this life may bring.
We have One who wraps his loving arms around us.
As He holds us close, our hearts can sing.

God does not isolate us from life's problems,
With it's many trials and storms.
He insulates us from the effects,
Which could cause us alarm.

We have a shelter in time of storm,
A refuge to which we can run.
We believe in the power of prayer;
In the name of Jesus, God's only begotten Son.

With Jesus as our Captain,
Our vessel will sail smooth.
The wind and waves obey His words.
God directs every move.

Divine protection is a promise,
When we abide in Him.
Jesus is our Savior and Lord.
He is our Dearest Friend,

No harm shall come nigh our dwelling.
No plague shall cause us fear.
There is One who knows and cares.
Jesus will always hold us near.

_ Jo Ann Kelly © 2005


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