Thursday, March 17, 2005


* I Am Calling You Closer *

Child, I am calling you close to Myself.
This is a time and a season where I am
equipping you for that I have called you
to do. I have much for you to do, but I
will not send you out unprepared. I prepare
you and when I send you, I will go with you.
And My Spirit dwells within you; He is more
than adequate to handle anything that will
come your way. And the closer you draw to
Me, the better I am able to prepare and equip you.

One of the things I want to do is to teach you
how to recognize and respond to My Spirit's
leading. He will give you wisdom and He will
show you what to do in all situations. And He
will supply supernatural empowerment and anointing
when they are needed. But child, you have to
respond to Him. You have to yield to Him and to
do whatever He directs you to do. My power and My
anointing are only available to those who are
submitted to My will and who are doing My kingdom
purposes with Me. If you want to move with Me in My
power and purposes and see My glory, then you must
yield fully to My Spirit as He leads and directs
you. That means you must know how to recognize My
Spirit's leading and direction.

Child, you learn to recognize My Spirit and hear
His direction as you draw closer to Me. For it is
in that place of intimacy that you come to truly
know Me and you learn to recognize My voice. It is
in that place of intimacy that I transform your
thoughts and desires to better synchronize with
My own. It is in that place of intimacy that I
am able to make you secure in My love for you, and
it is in that place of intimacy that I am able to
reveal Myself to you.

Child, do not be afraid to draw close to Me. Yes,
I know that at times it can seem frightening, for
I will reveal the hidden secrets of your heart as I
shine My light into your darkness. But I do not do
this to condemn you -- rather I do it to dispel
that darkness that it have no more power over you.
As you come before Me and draw near to Me, I will
also draw near to you. I am truth and My truth will
begin to saturate your heart. I am life and I am
liberty, and as you begin to draw near to Me, My life
and My freedom and My joy will begin to flow through
you. I will remove from you those things that hold you
back. And in that place of intimacy, I will form you
into a vessel of honor and I will pour My glory and
My love into you.

And when I send you out to perform My will and to
accomplish My purposes, you will find that I am not
far from you. I will be very close to you for I will
go with you. And you will be able to perceive My
nearness and to hear My direction because of this
intimacy time that you have spent with Me.

So child, draw close to Me and allow Me to refresh
you and to re-form you. Allow Me to transform you
and to shine My light into your darkness, that I might
dispel the things that limit you and that hold you
back. Allow Me to saturate you in My love and allow
Me to reveal Myself to you more clearly.

Child, I am calling you closer. Respond to My call
and draw near to Me.

_Faith Dube_Mar 1, 2005


Blogger tessie said...

Praise God! That really spoke to me.

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