Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Everyday Choices

The choices we make
The options we take
Define our life
For good or strife

The paths we choose
The friends we loose
Reflect the heart
Our thoughts from start

Our everyday choices
Are nothing but voices
An inner confession
Reflecting our obsessions

But can one choose with confidence
In the absence of Providence?
Relying simply on human logic
Or lucky cultish magic?

Our everyday choices
Are nothing but voices
A path of trial and error
Not evident of the future terror

For this road that we travel
Filled with doubts and gravel
Will one day come to an end
And where will that leave you my friend?

If you are too busy to discover
Your origins beyond your mother
Then the future is a fearful sight
Illuminated by fires from twilight

For we are nothing but decisions
Filled with simple dreams and visions
But unless these reflect destiny
There is no hope for the rest of thee

For where the past and present meet
Eternity will be their to greet
And expose us for who we are
Everyday choices orbiting a star


Anonymous phoenix said...

Hi! || The Picture is wonderful!

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