Monday, March 21, 2005

~~~ A Heart for God ~~~

He Gave His All
He is so marvelous, He is
so glorious,
Oh how I love to praise
His precious name;
The lamb of God, the only
son of God,
and for us this lamb was

He gave His life, shed His
precious blood,
took our place at calvary;
He hung on that cross,
and for us paid the cost
Through His great love,
from sin we can be free!

When we repent of our sin,
and let Him dwell within,
He'll pardon all our of sins
and iniquities;
He will live in our heart
and from us never part,
All our fears and doubts,
He will release!

I'm so thankful He came,
praise His Holy name
Now Jesus is life and breath
to me;
Every breath that I take is
for His precious sake,
and I'll serve Him throughout

"He died that I might live"

~ Helen Johnson ~


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