Thursday, March 24, 2005

To Walk In His Way

The way of the Lord is strength to the
upright: but destruction shall be
to the workers of iniquity.

Prov. 10:29.

If from the beginning we had walked
in the counsel of God, thousands
more would have been converted to
the present truth. But many have
made crooked paths for their feet.
My brethren, make straight paths,
lest the lame be turned out of
the way. Let no one follow a
crooked path that some one else
has made, for thus you would not
only go astray yourself, but would
make this crooked path plainer for
some one else to follow.

Determine that as for yourself, you
will walk in the path of obedience.
Know for a certainty that you are
standing under the broad shield of
Omnipotence. Realize that
the characteristics of Jehovah must
be revealed in your life, and that
in you a work must be accomplished
that will mold your character after
the divine similitude. Yield yourself
to the guidance of Him who is
the Head over all.

We are doing our work for
the judgment. Let us be learners
of Jesus. We need His guidance
every moment. At every step we
should inquire, "Is this the way
of the Lord?" not, "Is this the way
of the man who is over me?" We are
to be concerned only as to whether
we are walking in the way
of the Lord.

God will honor and uphold every
true-hearted, earnest soul who is
seeking to walk before Him in
the perfection of Christ's grace. He
will never leave nor forsake one
humble, trembling soul. Shall we
believe that He will work in our
hearts? that if we allow Him to do
so, He will make us pure and holy, by
His rich grace qualifying us to be
laborers together with Him? Can we
with keen, sanctified perception
appreciate the strength of His
promises, and appropriate them, not
because we are worthy, but because
by living faith we claim
the righteousness of Christ?

There is nothing so great and powerful
as God's love for those who are
His children.

~ Ellen G. White Estate ~


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